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Information for current students and academic advisors.

What are the checkpoints?

Checkpoint courses (if you started before Fall 2018)/Canvas shells (if you started Fall 2018 or later) are required for all education majors to move forward through your Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP).  The checkpoints may consist of a mandatory meeting and/or a paper packet of forms.  Please work with your advisor to determine how you should enroll.  You will utilize your Canvas shell to obtain instructions on how to complete the Checkpoints.

However, failure to pass courses in a timely manner will prevent students from registering for other courses and progressing through Teacher Education programs. Please select your appropriate program from one of the lists below.  You will need to print the checklist for your program and return it along with the other required documentation to McKee 216 by the due date provided in Canvas.  Some of the required forms have been provided at the bottom of the checkpoint section, please download and complete those you require.  Thank you.

error Note: Many courses have checkpoint courses as prerequisites; please refer to the catalog.