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MA Literacy

The Literacy graduate programs prepare students to be inquiring practitioners who seek knowledge and experiences about reading processes and practices. These evolving scholars are guided and encouraged to pursue knowledge, commit to inquiry, engage in problem solving related to reading/literacy processes and practices and participate as leaders in reading related activities. The inquiring practitioners learn to use reading knowledge, practices and processes to serve the changing technological, diversity and reading education needs of dynamic local and global environments.

The name of this program has recently changed from Reading to Literacy to better reflect the program content.

Program Description

The Master of Arts Degree Program in Literacy prepares a student to function more effectively as a classroom teacher; to direct reading programs, staff development and curriculum development at a school level and for many literacy-related tasks. Students are prepared to become competent readers of and producers of literacy research.

Program Delivery

This online program is offered through UNC's Extended Campus. Spots are still available and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

The Master of Arts in Literacy degree program will be completed in five semesters. This is a continuous enrollment graduate program which means that candidates can begin the program in any semester. It is intended for practicing elementary and secondary teachers and allows candidates to receive the K-12 Literacy Teacher added endorsement.

Full Program Details