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MA Teaching Diverse Learners

The Teaching Diverse Learners Master of Arts degree program is designed for current licensed teachers who would like to earn added endorsements in both Special Education Generalist and Culturally Linguistically Diverse. You will enhance your ability to recognize and develop the cognitive, linguistic and classroom skills of these two growing populations of learners.

  • Dual Endorsements: In addition to earning your master's degree, this program incorporates all of the coursework and field experiences necessary to receive both endorsements.
  • Focused, Accelerated Coursework: You will enroll in two courses each term, taking one 8-week course at a time.
  • The program is delivered 100% online

Double Up on Highly-Valued Teaching Skills

Virtually every school is experiencing growth in the number of students who have special educational needs as well as those who bring cultural and language diversity to the classroom. Teachers who are able to assist these learners in ways that enhance the learning experience of every student in the classroom are highly valued. The theories, skills and strategies included in this program—and the official endorsements towards which they prepare you—will put you in high demand.

More importantly, this program will help you connect with these students in ways that empower their journey to academic success.

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