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UNC offers the broadest array of education programs that lead to licensure in the State of Colorado and in other states around the country.

We develop educators in various teaching fields, subject areas, and across a wide range of ages (birth through high school). A teaching license is the official recognition by a state governmental agency that an individual has met state-mandated requirements and is approved to practice as a licensed educator in the state. At UNC, a student may obtain a teaching license at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Teaching is at the heart of what we do, and we know the best way to prepare you for your future as a teacher is to involve you in schools --from start to finish-- working with students. From the beginning of your program, you will be learning about the teaching profession in your UNC classrooms while participating in hands-on learning experiences with teachers and students in our local partner schools via tutoring, working one on one, and in small groups while working your way toward teaching full lessons. By graduation, you will be fully prepared to walk into your own classrooms with confidence.

For specific details on the licensure process, please visit the Office of Professional Licensure site.