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Frequently Asked Questions

Aims2UNC streamlines the two-way path between Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado. This program is designed to help you earn your associate’s degree at Aims Community College and earn your bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

Program Basics

  • What are the Aims2UNC benefits?

    Aims2UNC simplifies and streamlines the two-way path between Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado. This exciting program is designed to help you earn your associate’s degree at Aims Community College and earn your bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

  • Who can join the program?

    All students 18 years old or above are welcome and encouraged to apply for the Aims2UNC program. Students who are the best fit for the program are:

    • Current Aims students who want to simplify their transition and to earn their first bachelor’s degree at UNC.
    • Continuing Aims students who want to simplify their transition and to earn their first bachelor’s degree at UNC and hold a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
    • Current and continuing Aims students who have declared an A.A. or A.S. degree program at Aims.
    • Current and continuing Aims students who have at least 24 credits remaining at Aims at the time of program application.
    • High school seniors who intend to attend Aims Community College after high school graduation.
    • Former UNC students who have not completed a degree.
  • How do I get into the program?

    To be considered for the Aims2UNC program you must:

    1. Be a current Aims student (new or continuing), 
    2. Declare an Associates of Arts or an Associates of Science at Aims, 
    3. Enroll in at least one course at Aims for the semester you wish to join the program, and
    4. Submit the Aims2UNC Application.  

    Learn more about how to apply

  • What are the program requirements? 
    • Enroll in at least one class at Aims for the term you begin the Aims2UNC program
    • Meet your Aims2UNC Transition Advisor to develop your customized transition plan
    • Visit with your Aims2UNC advisor twice per semester for updates, tips, specialized support
    • Stay on track with your customized transition plan
    • Maintain continuous progress toward credit/degree completion at Aims
  • What if I attended Aims or UNC before?

    You are welcome to join the Aims2UNC program if you have attended UNC or Aims in the past!  Your first step is to meet with the Aims2UNC Transition Advisor apply for the program.

  • What if I applied to UNC but was denied admission?

    The Aims2UNC program is perfect for students who plan to go to UNC even if they were denied admission previously. Contact an Aims2UNC Transition Advisor at 970-339-6557 or aims2unc@aims.edu.

  • I’ve confirmed my residency or immigration status at Aims for tuition purposes, do I have to re-confirm my residency again at UNC?

    This is an exciting aspect of the Aims2UNC program!  If your classification has not changed at the time of transfer, you will not be required to provide additional information to UNC.

  • Does the Aims2UNC program guarantee I will get into UNC?

    Aims2UNC streamlines your transition to UNC. Once you are accepted to the Aims2UNC program you are automatically accepted into UNC as a non-degree seeking student. To make the transition as easy as possible, your Aims2UNC Transition Advisor will help you understand specific program requirements for your future major and get you connected to UNC resources.

  • Do I have to be a full-time student to be in the program?

    No. This program supports your transition regardless of the time it takes to reach your goal. There are, however, scholarship benefits for students who take at least 6 credits per semester Aims.

  • Do I need Proof of Immunization to be in the Aims2UNC Program?

    Yes, in order to access UNC services and resources, Aims2UNC students need to provide proof of immunization or an exemption at the time of acceptance into the program and before you engage in services on the UNC campus.  The Aims2UNC Transition Advisor can support students who may not have current immunization records.

    More about immunization requirements at UNC

Student Resources

Academic Support & Guidance

Tuition & Financial Aid

Student Behavior

  • Aims and UNC have some differences in their student codes of conduct. Whose do I follow?

    Aims2UNC students will be held to both the Aims Code of Conduct and the UNC Student Code of Conduct (BEAR Code). Under the BEAR Code, a person is a student from the time they are issued a Bear Number until the time they are awarded a degree by UNC or until their date of withdrawal from UNC, whichever occurs last. Until a degree is awarded or a person withdraws from UNC, a person’s student status continues uninterrupted. In addition, a person is a student for the purposes of the Code when they engage in conduct while a student that constitutes misconduct under the Code. Therefore, a person cannot avoid student status under the Code by withdrawing or by the awarding of a degree if they engaged in the misconduct while they are a student.

    The BEAR Code applies to misconduct by a student that occurs on UNC Property or off-campus, including but not limited to misconduct occurring at UNC Sponsored Activities. It includes misconduct that occurs between semesters or when classes are not in session.

    Students found in violation of the Aims Code of Conduct and the BEAR Code may be subject to disciplinary processes at both institutions. 

  • How are my FERPA rights affected by participating in Aims2UNC?

    FERPA is the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act. It regulates what information about a student at UNC or Aims can be shared with any other person or institution.

    Aims and UNC will share all student information including academic, disciplinary, other similar records. Students participating in the Aims2UNC program sign an agreement permitting UNC and Aims to share information appropriate to the program.

  • Which institution maintains my official transcripts and other records?

    Aims maintains the official records for Aims courses, financial aid, etc. UNC maintains the official records for UNC courses, financial aid, etc.

Aims2UNC Communications

  • How will I receive relevant Aims2UNC communication?

    Your Aims email is a key component to staying informed about what is happening on campus. You will be able to set up your UNC email to forward to your Aims email. Your Aims2UNC Transition Advisor will assist you in setting up your UNC email address so it forwards to your Aims email address while Aims is your primary institution. If you choose not to forward your UNC email you will need to make sure you check both e-mails regularly for new messages.

  • What information and services are online, and how do I access them?

    For Aims, login to myAims with your myAims username and password to access all online services for Aims. These services include: updating personal information, registration, payment of tuition, financial aid related information, your class schedule, requesting unofficial transcripts, reviewing degree progress through DegreeWorks, and accessing your online course shells (AimsOnline) for both in-person and online classes.

    For UNC, access your student needs via Ursa. UNC also utilizes DegreeWorks, the online course management system called Canvas, as well as your bearmail account.

  • Who do I contact for help and questions?

    If you have any questions about the Aims2UNC program, or services or programs that are available to you as a program participants, contact an Aims2UNC Transition Advisor at 970-339-6557 or aims2unc@aims.edu.

  • How do I know if there is an emergency or weather that closes Aims or UNC?

    Both Aims and UNC will work individually to notify all students of any emergency on either campus. Closures due to weather are always published on each institutions’ website homepages.

Transition and Graduation

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