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Aims2UNC makes it easier to achieve your academic goals! We've simplified the transition between Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado, so you can focus on what matters most — earning your degree.

When you are accepted to Aims2UNC you'll work with a transition advisor to develop a transition plan and get updates, tips and specialized support. During your final semester at Aims you will complete an Aims2UNC Transitions Orientation on the UNC campus where Aims and UNC staff will support you through the transition process and along the way.

Connect with us.

If you have questions or want addition information get in touch with a Transition Advisor at 970-339-6557 or via email at aims2unc@aims.edu 

1 in every 4
incoming students
is a transfer

Who's it for?

Aims2UNC is designed for anyone interested in receiving an associate's degree from Aims and completing a bachelor's degree at UNC, including:

  • Prospective Aims students
  • Current Aims students 
  • Former Aims and UNC students who have not completed a degree 
  • Previous UNC applicants denied admission

UNC Bear at commenecement


As a student at both institutions, you get access to the best of what each campus has to offer. Here’s a snapshot of all the benefits:

Free applications

All fees to apply to both Aims and UNC are covered!

Scholarship Opportunities

Access to more scholarship opportunities. 

Customized coaching

Transition Advisors are there throughout your academic journey to UNC. Once you're at UNC we'll always answer your questions. 

Access to UNC services, events and clubs

You'll have student ID for both campuses! Attend UNC sporting events, get student rates, use the recreation center, student health center and live in student housing

Streamlined transfer courses

Don't worry about whether courses will transfer. We'll guide you through which courses count towards your bachelor's degree.

Program requirements

To participate in the Aims2UNC program, you must:

  • Enroll in a class at Aims for the term you begin the program
  • Create a customized transition plan with your transition advisor
  • Visit your advisor twice a semester to stay on track
  • Continue progress toward credit/degree completion at Aims
  • Provide immunization records to access UNC resources

How to apply

You must be an Aims student to participate in the Aims2UNC program. It's an easy two-step process:

  1. Apply to Aims  
  2. Aims2UNC through UNC

Learn more about applying

Scholarship opportunities 

Aims2UNC participants may be eligible for a scholarship beginning the second semester of the program of up to $500, renewable each term through graduation from Aims. 

To be eligible you must: 

  • Complete one semester of the Aims2UNC program, including: 
    • Complete program intake appoint by term deadline date* 
    • Meet and communicate with your Aims2UNC transition advisor
    • Participate in Aims2UNC engagement activities
  • Maintain a 2.5 (or higher) cumulative GPA 
  • Enroll in a minimum of 6 credits at Aims in your second semester

*Your Aims2UNC transition advisor will review term deadline dates for scholarship eligibility during your program intake appointment.

Meet your transition advisors

To make your transition as easy as possible, you will work with an Aims2UNC Transition Advisor to develop your customized transition plan.

Erika Feckova, Aims 2 UNC Transition Advisor

Erika Feckova

Aims2UNC Senior Advisor 

"I am excited to serve as the Aims2UNC transition advisor. The combination of my previous experiences as the International Admissions coordinator at UNC and an academic advisor at Aims have positioned me to assist students in the transfer process from Aims to UNC. I look forward to drawing on the skills I have gained in the field, the knowledge from my graduate program in Adult and Higher Education, as well as my personal experience as a transfer student, to enrich students’ experiences and contribute to the collaboration between Aims and UNC.

As an advisor, I view my role as a guide on students’ journeys through college. I am excited about joining my advisees on their unique trail of learning, exploring, growing and achieving goals. I understand how challenging, but also exciting, transitions can be, and I will serve as a resource, support and mentor on my advisees’ path from Aims to UNC. My hope is to help students maximize their experience at Aims, discover what UNC has to offer, navigate and balance college and life, as well as challenge and encourage them along the way."

Steve Mitchell, Aims2UNC Transition Advisor

Steve Mitchell

Aims2UNC Coordinator 

"I am excited to be a part of the Aims2UNC program and the endless possibilities of what this partnership can accomplish moving forward. Since I am a native of Northern Colorado and a son of two public educators, it means a great deal to me to help positively impact the local educational landscape. As a graduate of a junior college, a four-year institution and law school, I see great value in utilizing community college courses en route to earning a bachelor’s degree, and pursuing personal and professional goals through various educational opportunities. It is my goal to develop a program that serves Aims2UNC students in an engaging, accessible and effective manner."

About Aims2UNC

Aims and UNC began discussions during the 2018-2019 academic year under the leadership of Aims President, Dr. Leah L. Bornstein and University of Northern Colorado President, Dr. Andy Feinstein. Their discussions centered on the opportunities both Aims and UNC have to combine efforts and innovate in the community. Fall 2019 marks the inaugural cohort of students in the Aims2UNC program. In Fall 2020 and thereafter, the categories of students invited to participate in the program will be expanded.

Both institutions are excited and committed to helping students reach their educational goals in every way possible, and both Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado are committed to Colorado’s statewide goal of 66% credential attainment rate by 2025. The development of Aims2UNC concepts and logistics has spanned many months of work by administrators, staff and faculty at both institutions. Everyone involved sincerely hopes that this new program will help improve the quality of life and employment opportunities for all those who participate in it.

Sep 30, 2019