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McNair Scholars Program Cohort 2020-2021

Incoming Juniors and Super Seniors





Nicola Anglo-Raymundo

English Secondary Education with a concentration in CLD English Education


Culturally Relevant Literature in Secondary Schools: A Study in Usage and Limitations

Each summer I always have a fun (and sometimes random) topic that I want to research on. This summer I'm doing a lot of research about the history of pirates and studying Filipino diaspora

Dawson Budke

Cell & Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry


Effect on Hypo/hyper-methylation Rates on Genome Regions CDKN1A, BMAL1, NR1C3, and PNPLA3 with CBG Implementation Utilizing a Mice Model with MCD Diet to Induce NASH

I was born and raised in Alaska and I'm bilingual (English/Spanish)

Karime (Izzy) Carrillo Rojas

Mexican American Studies & Human Services

McNair temporary headshot

From the 1918 Flu Pandemic to the COVID-19 Crisis: The Impact of Racism and Health Inequity in Latino Communities across Colorado

I love crime podcasts and reptiles! I have a leopard gecko!

Bella Cordon

Psychology and Human Services

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Associations Between Childhood Maltreatment, Mental Health and Coping Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I’m a tutor

Jakob Coykendall

Asian Studies with minors in Japanese, Sociology, and Communication Studies

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Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTQ+ Intimate Communication

I love to collect video games, dolls, and books!

Gio Esparza

History for Secondary Education with minors in Anthropology and Special Education

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“Jorgensen Enjoys Being Christine”: Christine Jorgensen’s Public Image and How It Shaped a Movement

I have met and talked to Dolores Huerta and she told me she was proud of me for being a teacher! (I only fanboyed a little)

Zach Gonzales

English & Philosophy with a minor in Gender Studies

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Modes in Trans Epistemology: Imagining a Trans Erotic

I could eat dessert for every meal

Ricel Lopez

Health and Exercise Science with a minor in Spanish

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El Dolor en la Cultura: Latinx Depression and Coping Strategies

I know how to dance 8 Latinx dances

Gisselle Lopez Hernandez

Political Science with minors in Legal Studies and Mexican American Studies

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Mental Trauma from the Migrant Journey: Mental Health Services Available to Migrants

When I’m not in school, I’ll most certainly be in Mexico!

Isabel Martinez-Venegas

Biology with an emphasis in Pre-health with a minor in Chemistry

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Veterinarian Perceptions Regarding Preparedness for their Profession

I’m a big fan of the MCU and I collect MCU related funko pops!

Daniela Mburunyeme

Sociology & Philosophy

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Examining the Beliefs and Emotions of Men Who Purchase Sex

I can speak 4 languages (English, French, Lingala, Sango)

Chloe Parsons

Economics & Finance

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Food insecurity in an Anthropogenic Age: An Analysis into How Consumer Demand Will Shift during Crisis Events

I’m a digital artist

Jasmine Poblano

Mexican American Studies Concentration in Social Justice and Public Policy with minors in Leadership Studies and History

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Disrupting the Narrative: Chicana voices in MEChA on the University of Northern Colorado’s Campus 1993-2000

I roller skate hard core

Bianca Ramos

Sociology with a minor in Psychology

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Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha: BIPOC Students’ Sense of Belonging in Higher Education

I recently became a Tia/Aunt for the first time!

Adeleine Santos

Sociology Concentration in Institutions and Inequalities with minors in Africana Studies and Mexican American Studies

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Epistemic Violence Against Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in Education, and the Reclamation of Traditional Cultural Epistemes and Pedagogies

I love my houseplants and gifting plants!

Olivia Sponsler-Sánchez

Psychology & Music

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Childhood Maltreatment, Depression, and Chronic Pain in College Students: An Exploratory Correlational Study

My dream prize is a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream

 Continuing Seniors





Yessica Berumen Martinez

Anthropology & Human Services

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Intergroup Perceptions of Skin Color Preferences and Dating Among Latinx Adults

2020 McNair Research Award - Second Place

Dr. Kyle Anne Nelson, Department of Sociology

Olivia Bobbitt

Sociology with minors in Africana Studies and Psychology

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Stages of Racial Identity Development Among Multiracial Undergraduates

2020 McNair Research Award - First Place

Dr. Clifford Leek, Department of Sociology

Joelle Jenkins

Environmental and Sustainability Studies with a minor in Biology

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Aspects of Identity that Inform Black College Students' Experiences and Consideration of the Natural Environment

Dr. Chelsie Romulo, Department of Geography, GIS, & Sustainability

Casey Montoya

Human Services, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Anthropology

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Food and Housing Insecurity of College Students at the University of Northern Colorado

Dr. Elizabeth Gilbert, Department of Community Health Education

Abril Olivas

Mexican American Studies with an emphasis in Secondary Teaching and CLD Endorsement with a minor in Spanish

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Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: An Analysis of its Presence within a Teacher Preparation Program

Dr. Dana Walker, School of Teacher Education

Yessica Rodriguez

Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Health and a minor in Sociology and Chemistry

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Quantification of Male and Female Feather Temperature in Relation to Color in American Robins (Turdus migratorius)

2020 McNair Research Award - Honorable Mention

Dr. Lauryn Benedict, Department of Biology

Karina Sanchez, Doctoral Student

Theresa Schwartz

Anthropology with a minor in Biology

McNair headshot

Determining Dietary Niche in Primates Using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence

2020 McNair Research Award - Third Place

Research Excellence Award for Undergraduate Poster Natural & Health Sciences - Finalist

Dr. Marian Hamilton, Department of Anthropology

Collin Slutzky

Economics & Mathematics

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Funding Efforts to Manage Invasive Species

Dr. Mark Eiswerth, Department of Economics

Andrea White

Psychology with a minor in Biology and Human Services

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How the Chameleon Effect Impacts Introverts and Extroverts in Social and Academic Settings

2020 McNair Research Award - Honorable Mention

Dr. Cassendra Bergstrom, Department of Psychology