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What Do Our Students Say about the Program?

"The program has given me so many things that I would never trade. My research skills, writing skills, network, and the feeling of accomplishment. It really equipped me to handle graduate school."
- Jake Neel, 2014-2015 McNair Scholar, MS in Taxation from CU-Denver

Jake Neel 2015 Graduation

Miguel Trurjillo 2013 Research Day

 "Every year when doing these surveys I'm reminded of how instrumental this program was for my success in grad school. As a first generation college student I remember not knowing what to expect when coming into UNC. Fortunately, this was not the case with graduate school, thanks to the McNair program."

- Miguel Trujillo Cabral, 2012-2013 McNair Scholar, MA in Public Policy from the University of Utah

"The McNair Program really helped me prepare for the admissions process of graduate school. Without the guidance of the McNair Program, it would have been very difficult to navigate the admissions process or even figure out how to conduct a research project related to my field of interest. I'm so grateful to have been part of such a wonderful program. "

- Liane Sakai, 2005-2006 McNair Scholar, DDS from the University of Southern California

Liane Sakai

Michelle Lumpford 2015 Research Day

 "The McNair Scholars Program helped prepare me for graduate school and without the program I don't believe I would have had the opportunity to continue my education. I am incredibly grateful for this program."

- Michelle Lumpford, 2014-2015 McNair Scholar, Master’s Student in Criminology & Criminal Justice at Portland State University

"It was a wonderful experience for me, McNair is a spectacular program. I learned how to produce work and meet goals at higher standards than I would have set for myself. I felt empowered and I now know that I can achieve the career I desire.”

- Rebecca Artzer, 2015-2016 McNair Scholar, Master’s Student in Gerontology at UNC

Rebecca Artzer