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Upper Division Course Offerings

Please visit Loree Crow for more information or to get registered for these classes.

LIB 251 - Research as Inquiry: Exploration for Beginning Researchers

Prerequisite LIB 151. This course examines research methods from multiple disciplines. Emphasis is on evaluating and conducting original research. Often before or in conjunction with HON 351 to develop the Honors project.

HON 351 - Junior Honors Seminar

Consent of instructor is needed to take this class. Required for completion of the Upper Division Honors Program. This class helps students to develop an honors project in the student’s discipline(s) of choice in order to eventually complete the Upper Division Honors Program.

HON 451 - Senior Honors Research Project

Consent of instructor is needed to take this class. Required for completion of UHP. This class keeps students on track to complete their Honors project. Students will generally take one credit per semester for three semesters (for a total of three credits). This class requires that students be highly self-motivated.

HON 492 - Honors Internship or Study Abroad

Consent of instructor is needed to take this class. This course offers variable credit in an approved study abroad and/or internship for the Honors Program. The specifics of what is required for credit in HON 492 is worked out ahead of time with the Honors department- contact the office about internship/study abroad opportunities on an individual basis. Repeatable, maximum of 6 credit hours. Can be taken for credit for HIP or UHP.

HON 420 - Honors Research Methods (Spring Semester only)

Examination of research paradigms and methodologies to develop the most appropriate research methods and data analysis processes to design and develop a successful honors thesis project. This class is highly recommended for students doing out-of-the-box research projects.