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Lower Division Advising

As a student in the Honors Interdisciplinary Program (HIP) you have access to several advising opportunities. We highly recommend that you attend at least one type of advising each semester so that you continue to manage your time in HIP well and set yourself up for the Upper Division Honors Program (UHP). Please keep in mind that four advising events are required for HON 101 students as part of the grade and that second and third year HIP students who hope to remain scholarship eligible should attend at least two advising events. The three types of advising offered are:

1. Monthly Cohort Meetings – The HIP program will be hosting monthly cohort meetings to cover topics such as how to satisfy the Honors program requirements, Honors classes being offered in the upcoming semester, the transition into UHP, and other unique Honors experiences. Group advising is a great way to get your general program questions answered and we find that students in attendance additionally benefit from the questions asked by their peers.  The dates and times for the Monthly HIP Cohort Meetings are:


If you are unable to make it to one of the meetings, you can sign up for an individual advising appointment with our Honors adviser. 

2. Individual advising – If you have questions specific to which classes might fit best for you or taking a course by contract, are interested in study abroad programs for Honors credit, or might need extra support through academic challenges and in the Honors Program, individual advising appointments are available. The graduate student advisor for HIP, is available for drop-in appointments that HIP students can sign up for. HON 101 students may also sign up here to make up for a missed Monthly Cohort Meeting. ADVISING LINKS COMING SOON

3. E-mail advising – If you have a general program questions you can always email honors@unco.edu and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.