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Honors Interdisciplinary Program Advising

As a student in the Honors Interdisciplinary Program (HIP) you have access to specialized advising opportunities. We highly recommend that you attend at least one type of advising each semester so that you continue to manage your time in HIP well and set yourself up for the Upper Division Honors Program (UHP). Three advising events/workshops are required for HON 101 students as part of the grade. All HIP students should attend at least two honors events per semester to be categorized as "active" and be scholarship eligible, and workshops are a great way to learn valuable information and keep your honors active status.


The Honors program hosts monthly workshops to cover topics such as Honors Program curriculum, health & wellness, making the most of your academics, and transitioning into Upper Division Honors, as well as other unique Honors offerings. Group workshops are a great way to have your general program questions answered and benefit from the questions asked by your peers.  

Spring 2020 workshop schedule

Interview and Resume Workshop
Wednesday, January 29th 6-7pm

Lower Centennial Hall

Grad School Workshop
Wednesday, February 19th 6-7pm

South Hall Lounge

Inclusivity Workshop
Thursday, March 26th 6-7pm

Lower Centennial Lounge

Earth Appreciation Workshop
Thursday, April 16th 6-7pm

South Hall Lounge

Individual advising

If you have questions specific to which classes might fit best for you; if you are interested in course by contract or study abroad or internship options; or if you might need extra support through academic challenges or complicated programs; you should schedule an individual advising appointment.  HON 101 students may also use individual advising if they cannot attend 3 workshops. You may set up an individual advising meeting using the "Book your Advising Meeting" link on this page. 

Group Advising

Group advising nights are generally offered once a semester.  Sometimes the group advising nights are commingled with a workshop.  The information and sign-up for a group advising event is sent through the Honors Listserv to all currently enrolled Honors Program Students.