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Honors Connect

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 Being an Honors Student is about more than just academic course work.  It is also important that Honors Students become active members of their Program, their campus and their community as a way to give back to the systems that have supported them and to broaden their experience base.

Honors Interdisciplinary Program Requirements:

 Students should participate in the following to maintain active status for scholarships:

  • One Honors event or program activity each semester (See list below) AND
  • Two Honors Advising Meetings/Workshops each semester. First semester HIP students must attend three advising meetings and/or workshop sessions.

To Complete Honors Interdisciplinary Program Certificate:

  • Six Honors-sponsored events or activities total.
    • The activities may happen in any semester – for instance may attend 2 in first semester and then 4 in the final semester to count as the 6 activities).
    • Activities may be Honors Program, Student Honors Council, or Center for Honors, Scholars & Leadership sponsored (e.g. Schulze Speakers). 
    • It is possible to request non-honors sponsored events/activities to count toward the Honors Connect requirement if the student cannot attend sufficient Honors-sponsored activities. 
    • These activities are to be logged in the final Honors Portfolio turned in when the program requirements are completed.

List of Sample Honors Events that would count for the above requirements:

Fall Events:
  • Coffee with the Profs Night or
  • Honors Research Night
  • Honors Picnic
Spring Events:
  • Honors Research Night
  • Research Day
  • Honors Program Spring Banquet
Other Events that take place either/both semesters:
  • Honors service projects
  • Honors workshops
  • Student Honors Council (SHC) activities (e.g. bowling nights, karaoke party, film nights, coffee house night, open mic nights, ice cream social, etc.)
  • Schulze Speaker events
  • Study Abroad*

Submitting Verification of Participation:

Each student will submit their Honors Connect verification through their Portfolio and will be tracked through sign-up sheets at various events.  Students are encouraged to use the UNC Engage portal to sign up for events and activities that count for their Honors Connect requirement, and then may use the co-curricular transcript option to report their activities. 

*International Student Exchange (Study Abroad) Semester Programs will count for all categories in the semester the student is abroad.