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Honors Interdisciplinary Program Application

Recommended for students at Freshman or Sophomore status - incoming from High School, transfer students or current UNC students

Incoming first year students are urged to apply to join the Honors Interdisciplinary Program as incoming freshmen, but may apply as late as the sophomore year. Transfer students and current UNC students who are freshmen or sophomore status are also welcome to apply.  

Qualifying Criteria

Successful applicants must demonstrate academic interest, intellectual curiosity, and aptitude through their entire application, and no specific minimum standardized test scores nor minimum GPA is required. A majority of incoming first year students with successful application will either have attained a minimum 3.75 GPA in high school or have an ACT score above 26 or SAT above 1240. However, all students who are motivated to make the most of their college curriculum are encouraged to apply even if they did not have a high school GPA above 3.75.  UNC uses a holistic admissions process and will consider each student's individual circumstances. 

Prospective Honors students already enrolled at UNC or transferring from another college should have a minimum 3.25 college GPA to apply.  If the applicant is transferring more than 45 credit hours, they may apply directly into our Upper Division Honors Program Learn about Upper Division Program here!


The Honors Application has a rolling deadline that follows this timeline.

December 1st

Early deadline:

for the best chance to receive Honors Scholarships.

February 1st

Scholarship deadline:

You must have your FAFSA and UNC's Universal Scholarship Application both completed in order to qualify for Honors Scholarships.

March 1st

Priority deadline:

for an opportunity to live in the Honors Residential Learning Community and to receive priority review and acceptance into Honors.

April 1st

Current UNC & Transfer Student Preferred deadline:

If you are a current UNC student or transferring from another college or university, please apply by April 1 in order to have the best opportunity to enroll in honors courses in Fall. 

August 1st

Applications are accepted throughout the summer

Acceptances are granted for highly qualified students on a space available basis.

The Application

We recommend that you draft your answers to the questions in a separate document, and then copy and paste the answers into the application answer blocks. 

The Honors application requires you to answer 4 questions. The four questions are as follows:

  1.  Are you interested in living in the on campus Honors Residential Learning Community?
            Yes         No          Maybe
  2. What clubs, organizations, community service, academic honors or leadership activities have you been involved with (inside or outside of the school), and which activity has had the most impact on who you are and why? (300 words or less)
  3. In what ways would you add unique qualities, diverse ways of thinking, or specific skills or abilities to the honors community?  Please describe any special circumstances, obstacles, or other defining features of your life that impact who you are as a person.  Include specifics on how you would define yourself as a person in the world, and why you have chosen to be that person.  (500 words or less)
  4. What is one issue or problem in your community or in the world about which you are passionate and why? Explain in what ways the issue is complex and what challenges problem-solvers will need to surmount in order to work on the issue successfully. (500 words or less).

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