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Lower Division Honors Curriculum

The Honors Interdisciplinary Program requires completion of a total of 11 lower division course credits with 10 course credits undertaken with Interdisciplinary seminars; 1 course credits undertaken in Application of Academic Inquiry; and evidence of Community and Professional Engagement through Honors Connect co-curricular program.

Honors students who complete all requirements and maintain a cumulative 3.25 UNC GPA will receive recognition through a certificate award, which will be noted on their diploma, and on their transcripts.

Lower Division Honors Program Plan

Please note that each individual student and their academic course plan is unique. While it is always a good option to plan ahead, the following Honors course plan is not set in stone. Students have the flexibility to complete any of the following courses in any semester before they graduate from the university. Please speak to our advisors should you find that you are struggling to fit in any classes needed to complete the lower division program.

Note: If you started Lower Division Honors before Fall of 2017, your credit hour requirements will differ from what is stated below. Please check DegreeWorks for your particular Honors program requirements from your catalog year. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Total of 11 Credit Hours (Which may overlap with other University requirements)

  • Completion of 2 credits of Inquiry courses:
    • HON101 – Introduction to Honors & Critical Thinking
    • LIB prefix Research Skills course
  • Minimum of 9 credits to be completed with HON, LEAD and MIND Interdisciplinary seminars.
  • Program may be completed in any time frame that works with the major.
  • Each student must also attend advising nights or participate in one-on-one advising each semester.
  • Students must also attend additional co-curricular options through Honors Connect (See handbook).

Introduction Course – All honors students should take first semester              

Complete this 1 credit hour course in your first semester as a new HIP Student:                                        

  • HON101: Honors Intro to Critical Thinking (Fall)*

Category 1 and Category 2 courses:

Choose any THREE course options to complete over 1 to 3 years:  

  • MIND courses: ANY Life of the Mind Courses (these will have the MIND prefix in their course number)
  • HON 100 Connections Seminar
  • HON 200 Connections Seminar
  • LEAD100: Contemporary Leadership Theory
  • LEAD 200: Risk and Change in Leadership
  • HON 395 (Special Topics) course
  • Study Abroad or Int’l Student Exchange course/experience (Through HON492 or other Study Abroad course prefix)
  • One course may be substituted with an honors course by contract. (See HIP Handbook for further details)

Honors Research Skills — (1-2 credits) - Take any semester

  • LIB151 – Honors Research Skills (for most students) or
  • LIB150 (for ASLS majors and Student Athlete Summer Bridge Program students)
  • LIB160 (for Criminal Justice majors)
  • Optional: LIB 251 – Research as Inquiry
    • This course is required for students planning to apply for the Upper Division Honors Program. Many students will actually take this class the first semester they are in the Upper Division Program.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Students may only take each course or option once as the courses are not repeatable.
  • The Honors Progress Report designed for a traditional four year Honors Program course of study gives the recommended path through Honors.  The Program is flexible and can be adapted to fit most students’ needs.  Honors advising is provided each semester and required for students to remain in the Program.

Detailed information on Life of the Mind courses, Honors Connections Seminars, and the Honors Experiential Learning Options is located in the Appendix of the Honors Interdisciplinary Handbook.