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two honors students in front of a Greeley Mural

Future Students- Why Honors?

Honors at a University is not like Honors classes in High School. The Honors Program Director, Loree Crow, explains, "High School Honors classes prepare you for college level, but you've made it to the college level." Now, an Honors education will help you to reach your goals, and to go beyond the walls of the classroom and the confines of the textbook. 

The University Honors Program is designed to support students who…

  • Take intellectual risks
  • Ask challenging questions
  • Make interesting connections
  • Explore their world
  • Create new ways of doing things
University of Northern Colorado’s Honors Program vision is to build a community of intellectually engaged students and innovative scholars who enrich the world as responsible global citizens.

Benefits to being in Honors:

  • Scholarships are available exclusively to Honors students, such as the Heidger and Courage to Excel Scholarship
  • The Honors Learning Community based in the centrally located Lujan Hall allows you to immediately connect with your Honors cohort and build a community of driven friends and learners.
  • Great news! Starting in Fall 2024, a second Honors Learning residence hall community is opening on West Campus!  Honors students will have the opportunity to choose between the Central Campus honors community and the West Campus honors community (or any other residence hall that they prefer, as available!)
  • Academic and Professional Workshops that will support you on your journey towards graduation
  • You will be treated as a close professional and scholar by your faculty and have options not readily available by the whole student body

But really, Why Honors?

"Honors gifted me with so many wonderful things. From friends to mentors, conferences to committees, I am a better student and leader because of these programs and their impact on me." - Madeline Azari, Theatre Arts: Secondary Education 2018

The UNC Honors Program is a Co-curricular academic program designed to support student-directed learning. From interdisciplinary seminars to study abroad programs and internships, Honors asks motivated students to explore what being educated means to them and to expand upon their expectations of what they should learn to what they can learn.

By building connections and exploring topics important to you, Honors prepares tomorrow's problem solvers by teaching critical thinking and promoting self-driven learning.