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UNC Graduate Student Association Testimonials

Taste of UNC

“…I feel that the sense of community in general at UNC is uniquely strong, and I think that specific efforts such as those of the GSA knit students together even more tightly than would naturally happen. Overall, my UNC education continues to be bettered by the GSA’s ability to create community and provide funding for professional development opportunities.” 

Grad Social

“…the GSA is the keystone to a graduate student’s experience here at UNC.”

GSA event

“Personally, I have attended multiple social and professional development events put on by the GSA. These events have given me a sense of community and belonging here at UNC. I have developed friendships and professional connections I would not have if it were not for the GSA.”  

research evening

“…GSA grant funding offsets my department’s financial challenges sending graduate students to conferences. By obtaining GSA grant funding, my department has been able to support both more experienced graduate students applying for jobs like myself, as well as newer graduate students who are only beginning to experience life as a graduate student in the field of mathematics education.” 

Welcome Back Event

“The social events organized by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a great opportunity to take a break from the hectic life that we lead as graduate students and make new connections with other students from other disciplines.” 


“Being an international student in the U.S. is an extremely rewarding experience on the academic level but also one that entails lots of financial constraints in terms of having enough income to self-fund conference experiences or any similar professional development events. For me, the fund from GSA is the only way that makes such an opportunity possible… ” 

Therapy Dog

"Without GSA it is unlikely that I would have been able to begin my work as early as I did and be as far in my project as I currently am… The GSA research grant has also given the experience I needed better my grant writing. It can be intimidating applying for grants, especially your first semester in graduate school. The GSA grant permitted me early on in my career to hone my grant writing skills, as well as gain confidence in my ability to get grants.” 

GSAW social

“Overall, I feel that the Graduate Student Association’s ability to fund student travel, throughout my tenure at UNC, has significantly put me ahead of the competition and created an easier time in taking the next steps into academia.” 

Yoga on the lawn

“On a campus with such diverse graduate degree offerings, it seems necessary and appropriate to sustain a thriving organization that provides support specifically to a wide-ranging population of graduate students. It is apparent to me that the UNC Graduate Student Association (GSA) meets this need well, and its efforts to build community among students and provide professional development funding continue to enhance my educational experience at UNC.” 


“If I were unable to receive funding from the GSA, it is very likely that I would be unable to attend the conference without placing a severe financial burden that I could not meet within the constraints of my academic-year graduate assistant stipend. Without the opportunity to apply for these funds, I would genuinely have to choose between going to conferences and being able to pay for my books, food, rent and bills.”