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College Opportunity Fund (COF) Stipend for 2023-2024

What is the COF stipend?
COF stands for College Opportunity Fund and applies per-credit funding from the state to help off-set tuition for eligible in-state students. More detailed information about the College Opportunity Fund.
What if I do not apply for the COF stipend?
If a undergraduate resident student chooses not to apply for the COF stipend, that student will be responsible for the student share of tuition plus the amount of the COF stipend.
How much of my UNC tuition will the COF stipend pay this year?
Colorado undergraduate residents are eligible. If the student has applied and authorized, $116 per credit hour will appear on the statement.
How will I find out what it costs to attend UNC next year?
The most up-to-date cost information is online at www.unco.edu/costs/.