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COVID-19: News and campus updates | University policies and resources

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When visiting a Student Academic Success department, wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to keep the UNC community healthy.

Advisor Resources

This page is intended for academic advisors to find resources, which can be used when working with students.


Advisor Help Sheets               CETL Remote Advising

Professional Advisor Shared Statement of Practice:

UNC professional advisors and coaches provide holistic, inclusive support helping students navigate the institution and meet their academic and personal goals through building meaningful relationships and intentional advising practices.

Student Success Collaborative

The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) is a web-based tool from the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to help coordinate, target, and report on advising and other student services on the UNC campus. Coordinated and targeted approaches to supporting students are key for retaining and graduating students, thus increasing student success. 

As a member of the Student Success Collaborative, UNC gets much more than just a technology platform. EAB provides resources to help UNC better utilize SSC, explore research and insights related to student success, and connect with fellow members of the Collaborative.

EAB members use the Student Success Collaborative combination of analytics, interaction and workflow technology, and consulting to support, retain and graduate students.