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Name in Use Policy

February 15, 2021

In keeping with the university’s commitment to foster an inclusive community, we are happy and excited to announce a policy update. The Name in Use (formerly the Preferred Name) Policy has been updated not only to reflect the accuracy of the name but also for ease of use.  As a reminder, “A first name by which an individual wishes to be identified, that is other than the individual's legal name, is a Name in Use.” Beginning February 15, 2021 students, faculty, and staff may, if they wish, indicate a Name in Use via their URSA account.  UNC students, faculty, and staff who wish to indicate a Name in Use should simply sign in to their URSA account, click on the “Update Name in Use or Personal Pronoun” link on the My Account tab and enter their updated information. 

In addition to indicating a Name in Use, UNC has implemented an additional optional process for students to designate their Pronouns in Use. Our desire is to have students' identities affirmed, and their pronouns used appropriately in every aspect of campus life and the classroom. Pronoun information can be self-designated on the admissions application or by accessing URSA by simply signing on, and clicking the “Update Name in Use or Personal Pronoun” link on the My Account tab.

This policy change will continue to create a more equity-minded and inclusive campus environment for our UNC Community.  If you have any questions concerning Name in Use or Pronouns in Use please feel free to reach out to Human Resources or the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center for more information.