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Please see Scholarship criteria below before applying!

Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

Every Coloradan deserves an affordable path into the workforce; Bridging the gap between those Coloradoans who have a college degree and those who do not. The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) was established in 2014 from a vision by Governor John Hickenlooper to ensure that every Colorado student has affordable access to postsecondary education, and support services to complete a degree or certificate in their desired field.

COSI programs couple tuition assistance and student support services to help increase Colorado students' college completion, decrease student debt and prepare Colorado students for a successful career.

UNC COSI Scholars Program

We offer support, scholarships and community! The UNC COSI program has 5 COSI state grants and brings in $3.4 million dollars to UNC and is exclusively for scholarships and wrap around support services to over 400 UNC students.

The UNC COSI Scholars programs are all designed to empower UNC students with the tools necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and beyond. We provide proactive, comprehensive student support services, mentoring and success workshops. We help students create community, build a connection to their campus, navigate the postsecondary education landscape to overcome academic, social and institutional challenges.


COSI Scholarship Criteria:

  1. COSI MSS Scholarships will be open on March 1st, 2023 and will remain open until May 1st
  2. COSI Scholars who seek the MSS Scholarship must fall within the following criteria:
    1. Be a Colorado Resident.
          1. Students who are not Colorado residents unfortunately cannot benefit from the services the COSI program offers to scholars.
    2. Hold a Cumulative 2.0 GPA.
          1. To potentially receive the COSI MSS Scholarship students must be within good academic standing.
    3. Be a First-Generation College Student.
    4. Hold a Low EFC, based on Banner.
          1. For C and D, it is known that first- generation college students face several barriers when enrolling into institution. One of these barriers is financial assistance therefore this scholarship aims to aid that financial need.

       e. Be a COSI Scholar.

      1. COSI is a cohort-based program therefore students who are not active members of the COSI Program cannot take advantage of the COSI MSS Scholarship – however they will still be supported through wraparound services, if needed.

  3. COSI Scholars who seek this scholarship must apply via the UNCo COSI website and provide the following information.

      1. NAME
      2. BEAR NUMER
      3. BEAR MAIL
        1. Students will submit a personal statement answering the following questions:
          1. What is your Major/Minor and What do you hope to accomplish with your degree?
          2. Tell us about who you are! (Can include information about their background)
          3. What does student support look like for you?
          4. If you were to be a recipient of the COSI MSS Scholarship, how would this scholarship aid you?

            f. ONE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION (optional but highly recommended)

            1. The purpose of this requirement is for COSI Scholars to begin networking with professors/staff/faculty and start to create professional networks.
                1. COSI Staff cannot give COSI Scholars a letter of recommendation as it would become a conflict of interest.

  4. Since the COSI MSS Scholarship is a “need based” scholarship students who are recipients of the following scholarships will not be  awarded the COSI MSS Scholarship as forementioned scholarships provide sufficient financial support.

              1. Stryker Institute for Leadership Development
              2. Reisher Scholarship Program
              3. Admission Based Scholarships:
                1. Provost Scholarship
                2. Presidential Scholarship
                3. Trustee Scholarship

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