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Campus Climate Survey

The Campus Climate Survey is intended to measure and influence the campus climate at UNC . The primary driver is to better understand our UNC climate and identify ways to improve it. With a students-first focus and a strong commitment to DEI, UNC can only move forward by gaining a better understanding of the needs and strengths of our university but needs data and feedback from our campus community to truly affect lasting change. 


Campus Climate Survey FAQ

  • Why does it matter?

    The campus experience is different for everyone here at UNC. The ability to support student success by being a better university is one of the reasons why a survey like this should be conducted, so we can be informed of the good and bad things that are going on. 

  • How long does it take to complete Survey?

    Most respondents complete this questionnaire in about 20-25 minutes, although individual progress will vary by how quickly you move through the questions.

  • How does a Campus Climate Survey help the university? 

    Gives us contexualized information that you share with us and our stragetic plans and our invitiatives can be driven by the information collected. 

  • What will be done to protect my identity?

    Confedinealty and anonymity are important to us. Therefore, no identifying information will be collected. 

  • When will I hear about Survey results? 

    We look forward to sharing the results with you. Anticipate a delivery presentation in early spring of 2023 of the anaylsis collected in December. 

  • Do I have to complete the Survey?

    Please note that your participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. However, if we do not know about your experience, we cannot make any changes to improve the bear's experience for you and future bears.