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Empower Inclusivity Committee

The purpose of the Empower Inclusivity Committee is to bring together members of the campus community who are committed to and engaged in equity and inclusion initiatives to support UNC as an equity-minded and inclusive campus.

The Empower Inclusivity Committee creates and sustains a culture where professional development in equity and inclusion is an expectation and a requirement for all faculty and staff to ensure UNC becomes an equity-minded and inclusive campus. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss and develop ongoing plans, programming, and events that support the UNC Vision of Empower Inclusivity.

The committee serves as a campus resource for community opportunities for faculty, staff and students to educate, advocate, and create an inclusive campus community. 

Empower Inclusivity

The diversity within our university and state is a distinct advantage that we celebrate and nurture. We ensure learning occurs through meaningful discussion of shared and different experiences, viewpoints, and ideas.

  1. Design and implement a professional develop workshop series with broad reach to faculty and staff focused on creating an equity-minded and inclusive campus.
  2. Incorporate equity and inclusion discussions in all types of professional development, from pedagogy to leadership training, to ensure that UNC becomes an equity-minded and inclusive campus.
  3. Design and implement onboarding processes for faculty and staff to develop a common understanding about UNC’s inclusive values. 

UNC Vision 2030 Outcomes

  • UNC celebrates the diverse backgrounds and intersecting identities of our community members and recognizes that we benefit from the talent and energy of all students, staff, and faculty
  • We reflect upon and learn from the experiences of historically marginalized communities
  • All individuals and perspectives are an integral part of our success and identity
  • Community members engage in robust discussions and share their experiences, viewpoints, and ideas in respectful ways