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Student Diversity Advisory Council

Student Diversity Advisory Council (SDAC) purpose is to provide the students’ perspective, input and advice to the Vice President (VP). SDAC assists the campus community in recognizing and understanding differences through educational, cultural, and social programming. In providing mission-specific programming, SDAC serves as a liaison between the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the campus community.

Vision: The Student Diversity Advisory Council members believe in a welcoming, safe, and supportive campus culture where all people thrive.  

SDAC includes:
  • Student representation from each of the cultural and resource centers
  • Members from various student organizations across campus
  • Attending regular monthly meetings
  • Curating programming that aligns with campus initiatives and goals
  • Serving as an advisory Council to the VP on matters related to practice and policy of the university including issues that impact BIPOC and LGBT-BIPOC.
  • Assisting the VP with the coordination and planning of two separate meetings with the University Police Department and City of Greeley Police Department to discuss experiences students have had with these entities and a plan moving forward.
  • Assisting the VP in the process and preserve a seat at the table in the selection of the next director of the MGCC
  • Meeting with President’s Cabinet to discuss student issues  

Student Diversity Advisory Council Members

 Myria Davis, UNC Graduate Student

Myria Davis
She, Her, Hers
Program/Major: Third-year student, Marriage, Couples, and Family Therapy/Counseling, MA

"My involvement in SDAC stems from my motivation to foster positive and effective change on campus for my fellow UNC Bears."

Jon Paul Escarcege

Jon Paul Escarcega
They, Them, Theirs
Program: Fourth-year student, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A.

"My involvement in SDAC comes from my passions for building relationships and sustaining connections, social advocacy, and leadership. I strive to work collectively to give back to the UNC community. A community that has provided me with belonging, exponential growth, and a voice to assist in implementing lasting and equitable change for our students."


Tammy Ortiz 

Tammy Ortiz
She, Her, Hers and They, Them, Theirs
Program: 2nd year Sociology of Master Arts/Thesis Emphasis. Focus on voting rights for persons with felony convictions.

"My involvement in SDAC comes from my desire to create change for the students on the University of Northern Colorado campus in terms of systemic racism and other inequities that are present.   I have received so much support and encouragement from the communities I am involved with on campus and hope that all students can share these same types of experiences."