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2017-2018 McNair Scholars and Faculty Mentors


Research Topic

Faculty Mentor

Dorothy Agyemang,

Dorothy Agyemang

The Effects of Cannabidiol and Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Concentration on Breast Cancer Cells

Corina Brown,
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Richard Hyslop
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Gisela Cardenas,
Mexican-American Studies & Psychology

Gisela Cardenas

The Efficacy of the College Assistant Migrant Program in Increasing Student Success and Completion of Higher Education

Dennis Aguirre, Hispanic Studies
James Kole, Psychological Sciences

Erin Carney

A Portrayal of the Vietnam War in High School History Classrooms 

Fritz Fischer, History

Sergio Chacon,

Sergio Chacon


Cynthia Galovich, Physics and Astronomy
Matthew Semak,
Physics and Astronomy

Johnathan Garcia,
Criminal Justice

Johnathan Garcia

College Students' Perception of Racism on College Campus

Brian Iannacchione,
Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Shelby Hart,
Anthropology & History

Shelby Hart

Replicating and Modeling Cultural Heritage Artifacts through Photogrammetry

Andrew Creekmore, Anthropology

Glenn Harter,
Chemistry (Biochemistry)

Glenn Harter

Does TFF and CXCR4 Protein Knockout Impair MDSC Recruitment by Breast Cancer Cells?

James Haughian,
Biological Sciences

Timothy Hernandez

Identity Based Education: Where Social Justice Meets Learner-Centered Teaching

Jeri Kraver, English

Calesia Monroe,
Africana Studies & Sociology

Calesia Monroe

It's Time to Hoe: Black Women Perspectives of "Hoeing" in and Beyond the HBO Show Insecure

Mitchell Gardner
Africana Studies

Ivan Orquera,

Ivan Orquera

California Dreamin: Media Images in the Minds of Students

Charles Collins,

Javier Perez Rodriguez,
Software Engineering

Javier Perez Rodriguez

Written Sarcasm Detection Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Christopher Harris, Mathematical Sciences
Oscar Levin,
Mathematical Sciences

Maia Powell,
Mathematics (Applied Mathematical Sciences)

Maia Powell

An Elliptic Function Approach to Relativistic Precession Within the Two-Body Problem in Celestial Mechanics

Ricardo Diaz, Mathematical Sciences 

Nicole Rivera,
Business Administration & Mexican-American Studies

Nicole Rivera

DACAmented: “LatinX Youth Immigrant Struggle, Activism through Images”

Jonathan Alcantar, Hispanic Studies

Esmeralda Rodriguez,
Business Administration

Esmeralda Rodriguez

Does Childhood Socioeconomic Status Influence Sustainable Consumption? A Life History Approach 

Daniel Brannon,

Eric Sheley,

Eric Sheley

A Historical Geography of Italian Food in Colorado 

Charles Collins,

Soledad Sierra,
Biology (Pre-health and Biomedical Sciences)

Soledad Sierra

Analysis of Microplastic Polymers in Freshwater Reservoirs and Lakes

William Hoyt, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Chelsie Romulo, Environmental and Sustainability Studies