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GSA Newsletter: June 2, 2023

Important Dates for Summer 2023
Classes Begin, 8-week session: Monday, June 5
Classes Begin, second 6-week session: Monday, June 26

Summer Holidays 2023 (University Closed)
Juneteenth: Monday, June 19

Vacation Time for Academic Year Graduate Assistants

The end of the fiscal year is quickly approaching (June 30, 2023). If you are a graduate assistant working a "Fiscal Year" assistantship, you are permitted to take one week off during the year since you were required to work over spring, fall (Thanksgiving) and winter breaks. If you haven't taken vacation time yet, coordinate with your supervisor as soon as possible.

UNC Financial Report: 2023 Quarter 2

Key Points:

  • Forecast of an estimated operating deficit of $1.6 million for the fiscal year.
  • Forecast for Net Operating Revenues improved by $200,000
  • Graduate student Net Tuition Revenue lower based on lower fall enrollment and larger fall 2022 graduating class.
  • Full-time faculty and staff received a $1,500 increase to base salary. Part-time employees received prorated increase. 
  • Student employee minimum wage increased to $14.50 per hour. 
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants received a one-time pay bonus of $250 in March 2023. 
  • Non-personnel Expenses increased by $1.5 million. 
  • Utilities projected to be $1.2 million over budget.
  • Travel expenses higher than budget due to inflationary impacts. 
  • $22.7 million operating surplus for UNC in fiscal year 2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022)
  • UNC had a net revenue shortfall of $3.2 million this year, but $10.9 million from the U.S. supplemental federal relief package and $4.8 million in oil and gas lease royalties offset those losses. 
  • UNC continues to struggle with recruiting and retaining faculty and staff members. 

Read the full financial report here

UNC Enrollment Update

Key Points:

  • Between fall 2012-2022, undergraduate enrollment at UNC has decreased by 34.8%. 
  • Between fall 2012-2022, graduate student enrollment at UNC has decreased by 3.6%. 
  • In fall 2022, graduate students were 28.3% of the total UNC student population. 

From the Fall 2022 Final Enrollment Report

enrollment final 2022

Student Government Association (formerly UNC Student Senate)
Election Preliminary Results for 2023-2024

No total ballot count provided in this election.  

Student Body President:
Erin Pettorino, 206 votes (unopposed)

Vice President:
Issac Rupprecht, 202 votes (unopposed)

Madison Calvert, 205 votes (unopposed)

Andrew Gardalen, 205 votes (unopposed)

Recording Secretary:
Zygmunt Darschewski, 207 votes (unopposed)

Student Trustee:
Jazmin Martinez, 207 votes (unopposed)

The GSA has inquired (on March 23, 2023) with Election Committee representative Skylar Klocker about eligible positions for graduate students and pay rates, but has not received this information as of May 24, 2023. 

UNC / Higher Education / Northern Colorado News

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UNC Police Reports
Daily Crime Logs
2022 UNC Campus Security & Fire Safety Report

Student Government Association (formerly Student Senate) Report

GSA Supplemental Cycle 05

If you have received one or more GSA grants during the current fiscal year (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023), you may apply for supplemental grant funding. Grant winners who did not submit completed budgets / receipts in time for reimbursement for a given award are not eligible for supplemental funding. The purpose of these supplemental grant funds is to reduce the difference between the amount(s) previously reimbursed and the amount requested in each grant application. If the amount requested in your original grant application has changed, the grant winner must submit a revised budget, with the appropriate receipts, for each grant award in question.

To apply for supplemental funding, notify the Grant Review Committee at GSA@unco.edu by Wednesday, June 7, 2023, 5 p.m. (MDT). A single email will be sufficient for the committee to consider providing supplemental funding for all your eligible grant applications from this fiscal year. If the amount (and/or items) requested in your original grant application budget have changed, you must include any revised budgets with your official notice and include additional applicable receipts. If nothing has changed for a given award, previously submitted budgets and receipts will be used. If awarded supplemental funding, you will receive an award letter from the Grant Review Committee. The GSA will not be responsible for filing supplemental reimbursements for requests that are incomplete, lack the appropriate documentation, etc. It may take the GSA up to two business days to receive questions via email and to respond. Please plan accordingly. 

Due to delays in UNC's reimbursement processes, additional purchases made after the supplemental submission deadline might not be processed or reimbursed. The GSA is not responsible for reimbursement denials by the Accounting and/or Business Offices. 

“Double-dipping” is strictly prohibited. You may not receive multiple reimbursements for the same dollar spent. For example, if you spent $600 on equipment and already received a $600 reimbursement from the GSA, you may not receive any additional money for that same purchase. However, if you spent $1,000 on equipment and received a $600 reimbursement from the GSA, you may still receive an additional $400 in supplemental funding. Students in violation of this policy may be banned from the GSA grant process. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, email GSA@unco.edu

Faculty Senate Report
Meeting minutes from August 30, 2021

Meeting minutes from September 13, 2021

Meeting minutes from September 27, 2021

Meeting minutes from October 11, 2021

Meeting minutes from October 25, 2021

Meeting minutes from November 8, 2021

Meeting minutes from November 22, 2021
Meeting minutes from January 18, 2022
Meeting minutes from January 31, 2022
Meeting minutes from February, 28, 2022
Meeting minutes from March 21, 2022
Meeting minutes from April 4, 2022
Meeting minutes from April 18, 2022

GSA representative, Yohan Lee (SES: Sport Administration, Ph.D. program), attends Faculty Senate meetings on behalf of graduate students. There are no graduate students serving as official representatives on Faculty Senate at this time.