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Center for Urban Education Learning Community

The mission of CUE is to produce teachers who will be competent and confident in urban classrooms.  We strive to build cohesion among courses and services to students.  Enhancing our student-ready campus means that we ensure all students have a sense of belonging at our Center and all students are engaged at a deep level in their field-based experiences and course work.  We are closely aligned with UNC’s equity and inclusion efforts in order to close the college-going and college completion equity gaps for students of color and first generation college students. 

The CUE Learning Community provides CUE's adjunct faculty and mentors an important opportunity to build a strong community and a shared vision. 


Participants must be affiliated with the Center for Urban Education. Participation is by invitation.


CETL will provide each participant with a copy of the annual book selections.

2024 Learning Community

  • Scholastic Teacher Resources Revolutionary Love Resource Book (2022), Wynter-Hoyte, Kamania; Braden, Eliza; Myers, Michele  (book provided by CETL)
  • We’re Gonna Keep On Talking (2023) , Kay, Matthew; Orr, Jennifer (book provided by CETL)
  • We’ve Been Doing it Your Way Long Enough (2017),  Baines, Janice R.; Tisdale, Carmen; Long, Susi (book provided by CETL)
Book Study Schedule
  • July 25, 2024, 9:30 - 11:00 am - Center for Urban Education
  • Fall 2024, dates to be determined 

About CUE

UNC's Center for Urban Education, located at UNC’s Denver Center at Lowry, provides a unique learning experience for future teachers by combining academic classes with classroom apprenticeships. All students working towards a Bachelor of Arts at the CUE work as paraprofessionals in the mornings or during the day, and they attend classes in the afternoon or evening. The CUE offers Bachelor of Arts degree with or without teacher licensure in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education.

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