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Let’s Talk About Grading!

This academic year CETL is focused on grading – how we do it, why we do it, and how we can do it better. In this blog we introduce the idea of Ungrading, a different approach to grading that motivates students and focuses on learning. [READ FULL POST]

Getting Students to Read Feedback through Reflection and Goal Setting

We spend a lot of time giving feedback on student work, but they don’t always take the time to read it. In this post we discuss getting students to read and take action on instructor feedback through reflection and goal setting. [READ FULL POST]

Introducing CETL Teaching Coaches

CETL is excited to announce the new CETL Teaching Coaches Program! This program provides UNC instructors with a direct contact on various teaching topics and opportunities for consultation with the coaches, providing a change from the traditional workshops and learning communities offered through CETL. [READ FULL POST]

Facilitating Connections Between Course Content and Students' Lives

This blog describes two instructional strategies I use to help students make connections between course content and their everyday lives. [READ FULL POST]