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Strategic Planning

In Spring 2020 a new director was appointed to a 3-year position in the CETL. The strategic planning process began in January 2020 with an evaluation of the CETL using the ACE/POD Matrix, a recognized evaluation tool for faculty development centers. This evaluation provided a snapshot of CETL in terms of organizational structure, resource allocation and infrastructure, and programs and services. This set the priorities for CETL Revitalization. In February 2020 the director brought together a CETL Revitalization Team. This faculty team, with representation from each academic college and University Libraries, worked together in Spring 2020 to develop the new CETL mission. The team sought input from educators across campus throughout the semester in order to support the development of short- and long-term goals. A SWOT analysis was conducted by the director and Revitalization Team in May 2020. The SWOT analysis provided information for the director to determine the long- and short-term goals for the CETL and to develop the annual action plans (see Appendix, full plan).

Three-Year Strategic Plan:  Jan 2020-Dec 2022

From 2020-2022 the CETL strategic planning process will be guided by the ACE/POD Matrix in order to revitalize the CETL using established metrics for practice in educational development. The goal of CETL from 2020-2022 is to improve in each domain to achieve the Accomplished/Exemplary category in all 17 domains of practice. This will provide the foundation for CETL to focus on achieving its mission-specific goals moving forward at the conclusion of the 3-year revitalization process.


Read the Full Strategic Plan

Year One Update: December 2020

In January 2020 CETL scored a 41% on the ACE/POD Matrix indicating growth needs in all three Standards - Organizational Structure, Resources and Infrastructure, and Programs and Services. CETL set action plans for 2020 with the goal of improving the ACE/POD Matrix score to 62%. CETL’s Revitalization Team reviewed CETL using the ACE/POD matrix in December 2020; the December 2020 score is 67%. Improving across all Standards, CETL improved its ACE/POD matrix score by 26% and exceeded the year-one goal by 5%. 

Read the 2020 Strategic Plan Report

Year Two Update: December 2021

In 2020 CETL improved across all areas with a score of 67%. CETL set action plans for 2021 with the goal of improving the ACE/POD Matrix score to 80%. CETL staff and members of the CETL Advisory Board scored CETL using the ACE/POD matrix in December 2021; the December 2021 score is 81%. Improving in all three Standards, CETL improved its ACE/POD matrix score by 16% and exceeded the year-two goal.