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Peer Observation to Improve Teaching

Peers can provide valuable insight about teaching practice. Through observation of courses and review of course material, conversations with peers in and outside of your department can be helpful. In this post Rachel Dineen and Lyda McCartin discuss a process for peer observation and tips for getting started. [READ FULL POST]

Verbal Feedback: An Alternative to Standard Student Evaluations

Do you struggle with getting actionable information from student evaluations to improve your courses? In this post Audrey Tocco discusses a student evaluation alternative, Verbal Feedback! Verbal Feedback provides students the opportunity to discuss their course experience [READ FULL POST]

Advising Frameworks: Support Students and Streamline Practice

Faculty advising can be challenging- you have to share correct information with students to support their path to graduation while also building relationships with them to support their personal growth and career aspirations. In this post Hayley Blackburn, UNC’s Professional Practice & Academic Review Coordinator, shares effective advising frameworks to support this work and offers advice for discussing the LAC with students. [READ FULL POST]

Make Your Slideshow Interactive with Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool that you can use to actively engage students. In this post two UNC professors share their experience using Pear Deck, pros and cons of the tool, and share student feedback. If you like what they have to say, apply for a CETL small grant to try it yourself! [READ FULL POST]