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2020 CETL Revitalization

In order to achieve the goals outlined in UNC’s Vision 2030 it is essential that we build a strong foundation for developing teaching excellence for all members of the teaching community.

To achieve this a new Interim Director for the CETL, Dr. Lyda McCartin, was appointed in January 2020.  Dr. McCartin convened the CETL Revitalization Team in spring 2020. This faculty team, with representation from each academic college and University Libraries, worked together in 2020 to develop the CETL’s mission and strategic direction. The team sought input from educators across campus throughout the year with the goal of having a strategic plan developed by December 1, 2020. 

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Revitalization Team Members:

Amie Cieminski, Education and Behavioral Sciences
Lynn Cornelius, Performing and Visual Arts
Robert Fulton, Center for Urban Education
Abe Harraf, Monfort College of Business
Susan Keenan, Natural and Health Sciences
Virgil Pierce, Former Chair, Mathematics Department
Dawit Senbet, Humanities and Social Sciences
Maggie Shawcross, University Libraries

Updates from the Revitalization Team 

The Revitalization Team held its final meeting on December 3, 2020. The team selected the new CETL Advisory Board members; this group was announced on December 15, 2020. The team also reviewed the strategic planning progress and determined improvements in each plan domain. A 2020 strategic plan report was shared in early January 2021.

The Revitalization team met in August to finalize CETL's new strategic plan and planning process. The team meets again in October to discuss CETL's new advisory board structure and make plans for soliciting membership.

The Revitalization Team met on April 15, 2020 to finalize the CETL’s new Vision and Mission. The Team determined the structure and make-up of the CETL Teaching Council, an active advisory board that will convene in January 2021. Throughout April and May the Team will finalize New Faculty Orientation and begin working on the CETL 2030 Strategic Vision.