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Internship and Job Search

Internship and job searches are important as you navigate your intended career. For further assitance, make sure to connect with the staff in our office, who can help with search processes, understanding values, and career pathways.

  • Internships

    Many UNC students must complete an internship as a graduation requirement, however, you can choose to do internships for no academic credit as well. 

    Completing internships is a great way to gain experience and develop a better understanding of what your desired field looks like in practice.

    Internships can be found through job posting boards (such as Handshake), networking, or directly asking a company or organization you are interested in.

  • Employment

    Employment opportunities range from part-time to full-time and will look different based on where you are in your career journey. 

    Handshake hosts all on-campus student employment opportunities,  in addition to job posting by outside employers that are vetted by our office. 

    Part-time experience as a student will help you gain skills and transferable experience (remember to include these on your resume!) that will benefit you in your search for full-time positions.

  • Job Search Tips

    When searching for any type of employment, it is important to:

    • Research the company or organization
    • Consider your values/needs and how these may align with the employer
    • Track applications and set timelines for yourself
    • Keep an open mind about different opportunities you come across
    • Internships, part-time work, or other involvement can often lead to full-time job offers down the road