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Post a Job or Internship

Posting a job on Handshake is easy. Please follow these instructions to post your job.

  1. Log into Handshake
  2. Select "Employer"
  3. Fill out information and click "Sign Up"
  4. Confirm your email address on Handshake
  5. Click "Create New Company"
  6. Note: If you are a University of Northern Colorado, on-campus employer, use the following format to name your company: UNC-Office Name (example, UNC-Financial Aid)
  7. Fill out form and click "Create New Company"
  8. Click "Post a Job"
  9. Fill out all information that relates to your job and finish by clicking "Create"

If you have questions, you can visit Handshake's Help Center or call Center for Career Readiness office at 970-351-2127.