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Alumni Career Advisors and Employers

BuildIng the Bear Network

The Bear Network is an ever growing network of alumni and friends who provide advice and insight, connect prospective students to UNC, and hire current students and alumni in companies across the United States. Alumni career advisors and employers are integral to building and expanding the Bear Network through their involvement and advocacy.

Put this network to work for you by attending online and in-person career events, connecting on LinkedIn, volunteering with an alumni group in your area, or by posting or finding a job through the Center for Career Readiness.   

Bears Hire Bears

Become an Alumni Employer

Join the growing group of alumni employers who recruit fellow Bears to fulfill their workforce and talent needs. Recruitment opportunities include career fairs, on campus interviews, and online job board Handshake.

Visit Center for Career Readiness for recruitment information.

If you have several alumni already working at your company and want to explore alumni employee engagement opportunities, please reach out to Norma.Juarez@unco.edu.

Alumni Career Advisors

More than 400+ alumni have signed up to be an Alumni Career Advisor - a volunteer ready to help students and recent graduates explore career opportunities and interests in specific industries or occupations.

Student Plus

Request an Alumni Career Advisor

Students and recent graduates are encouraged to first visit the Center for Career Readiness before requesting an alumni career advisor.

Faculty may also request alumni career advisors as guest speakers for class and program presentations. Reach out to Norma.Juarez@unco.edu for assistance.


Become an Alumni Career Advisor

We are always recruiting new volunteers. Fill out an interest form or reach out to Norma.Juarez@unco.edu to explore the opportunity.

Once you sign up, you will be added to the list for possible matches. Don't be concerned if you are not matched with a student right away. Alumni Career Advisors are matched based on student or faculty request.