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Great Careers Begin in Bear Country

Begin by connecting to the UNC Bear Network

The UNC Bear Network gives you access to thousands of UNC alumni career connections. The UNC Alumni Association can help you put that network to work. Whether you connect to gain insight and seek a job, or because you can offer an introduction or hiring opportunity, the Bear Network remains an excellent way to continue building the value of your UNC education. 

Alumni Outcomes & Success

Upcoming Alumni Career Events

Access alumni experts during an upcoming alumni career panel or networking event.

Spring Semester Alumni Career Panels

Career panels are hosted on Zoom and feature alumni from diverse backgrounds and organized around shared industries or professional interests.

Full list of upcoming panels

Spring On-Campus Job Fairs

Alumni are invited back to attend the fall Job, Internship and Graduate School Fair or the K-12 Educator Day fair, both hosted through the Center for Career Readiness.

Career Fairs

On Demand Career Support

Access recorded alumni career panels and LinkedIn tutorials to strengthen your network and professional connections to the UNC Bear Network.

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Additional Bear Network Opportunities



Gain Assistance

Schedule an alumni career conversation  for assistance in advancing or transitioning your career.

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Support Opportunity

Learn more about becoming a volunteer alumni career mentor or recruiting fellow Bears to join your company or organization. 

Bears Hire Bears


Celebrate Success

Share your career update or success story for UNC to include in an upcoming publication or on @UNCBearsAlumni social media.

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From the Bear Network

Follow these and other #career posts from around the Bear Network.

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Nine Tips for Event Networking

Networking can seem like a daunting experience, especially when you don’t feel you have the tools necessary to be successful, or you haven’t experienced the true value of networking first-hand. A big part of successful networking is the time you put into preparing for an event, your attitude and demeanor at an event, and your follow-up afterward. Plan-ahead and put your network to work with these nine easy tips. [READ FULL POST]

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