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Student Learning Outcomes

      • Students will identify three or more personal qualities related to choosing potential career goal(s)
      • Students will use career information to inform their goals
      • Students will draft meaningful career goal(s)
      • Students will develop career readiness skills through experiential opportunities
      • Students will apply career skills to pursue opportunities


Personal qualities: personal values, interests, strengths, skills, preferences, abilities and/or identities

Career goals and future opportunities: on campus employment, work student employment, part-time employment, internships, full-time employment and graduate school

Career information: state and federal occupational information and trends, alumni experiences, workplace expectations and recruiter feedback

Experiences: employment, internships, clubs and organizations, and other experiences where students can gain career readiness skills

Career skills: express self through resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, salary negotiation, job searching, networking and writing personal statements

The 4E Model of Career Preparation and Readiness

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First Year – Exploration

Example activities: Career exploration, reflection assignment, develop resume, set-up Handshake profile.

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Second Year – Experience

Example activities: Class field trip, discover more about careers relate to academic discipline, complete Parker-Dewey micro-internship.

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Third Year – Engagement

Example activities: Informational interview assignment with industry partner, complete mock interview.

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Fourth Year – Evolution

Example activities: For-credit internships, adapt professional resume for specific positions, apply for positions in chose career by attending fairs.