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Who We Are


Center for Career Readiness engages, supports and empowers students and alumni to discover, create and implement their career and future educational plans. Center for Career Readiness creates opportunities for students to connect with employers and working alumni in order to learn insider information about the world of work and to increase the likelihood of becoming gainfully employed upon graduation. Center for Career Readiness stays current on economic and world of work trends and provides this information to students and the UNC community while adapting services accordingly.


We in Center for Career Readiness envision a distinct and vibrant future for our office. We see ourselves delivering innovative programming that empowers students to honor their identity, values, and skills while they bring their education to life and persist to graduation. Our authentic engagement with, and support of, all students – particularly those who identify with marginalized, oppressed, and underrepresented populations – is essential to us. We see ourselves being known across campus as a safe and vital hub for all UNC students. We envision being the institution of choice for employer recruiting based upon our students’ renowned excellence and fit for the 21st Century workplace, accentuated by their diversity, work ethic, and motivation to succeed.  


Character: We encourage ourselves and students to be courageous, self-reflective and authentic in all interactions.

Empowerment: We encourage others to believe in their ability to achieve personal and professional goals.

Integrity: We foster, expect and act with the highest level of ethics, professionalism and respect.

Social Justice: Our commitment to social justice enables an accessible, inclusive, open environment where we advocate for the success of all students.

Relationships: We foster relationships with one another, students, employers, alumni and the UNC community for the benefit of serving students and enjoying one another’s company