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Who We Are


The Center for Career Readiness builds bridges between students and the world of work to ensure that UNC students make informed and empowered decisions regarding continued education and career. We provide a student-driven approach to career education that challenges systematic inequities, invites exploration embedded in identity and values, and fosters collaboration with employers and the campus community.


All UNC students are career ready and empowered to pursue meaningful work.


Education: We provide tools and learning opportunities to facilitate the process of students and alumni making empowered career decisions.

Integrity: We foster, expect, and act with the highest level of ethics.

Equity and Inclusion: Our continued commitment to equity and inclusion strives to foster an accessible, inclusive, and open environment in which we advocate for all students.

Relationships: We foster relationships with students, employers, alumni, and the UNC community for the benefit of serving students and understanding one another.

Self-Exploration: We support students’ exploration of identity, values, skills, interests, personality, and strengths as it is an integral component of career development.