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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

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When visiting the Center for Career Readiness, wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to
keep the UNC community healthy.

Career Readiness Committee

The Career Readiness Committee (CRC) leads career readiness initiatives at UNC and supports campus units on career readiness efforts. The goal of the CRC is to infuse career readiness into the UNC student experience in order to equip our students to successfully transition from college to career. CRC’s work supports student enrollment and retention as well as the professional achievements and adaptability of our alumni. The committee will connect UNC career readiness work to Colorado workforce initiatives.

In 2021 the CRC will work on the following actions:

  • Define career readiness at UNC*
  • Map existing career readiness initiatives*
  • Discuss career data, marketing, and messaging about career readiness at UNC
  • Engage academic units in conversations about career readiness and their curriculum*

*These actions map to UNC’s Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 Strategic Plan Key Actions, Phase 1 (pp. 6-7)

Committee Members 2021


  • Renee Welch, Director of Career Readiness
  • Lyda McCartin, Interim Director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Campus Representation

  • Krista Caufman
  • Angela Weingartner
  • Matt Swaffer
  • Sarah Off
  • Melissa Henry
  • Jayne Blodgett
  • Lyndsey Crum
  • David Fedorchak
  • Kara LaSota
  • Timothy Nellett
  • Crystal Smith
  • Audrey Tocco
  • Lupita Arellano
  • Kyle Ward
  • Mario Cavazos

Committee Updates

The Career Readiness Committee will solicit campus feedback at various stages of work in 2021. If you have questions please contact a committee co-chair.