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2016-2017 Giving Summary


Office of DevelopmentOffice of Development
July 07, 2017

With the Campaign for UNC in full swing, momentum is building in support of student success and other university priorities. Thank you to the generous donors who made contributions during the 2016-2017 year.

Total commitments for FY17: $12,554,862 and 4642 donors
Total Campaign commitments to date: $26,865,923

“While we are pleased to report strong progress, the story we're most excited to share is the one about opportunity made possible by UNC’s donor community,” said Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations Allie Steg Haskett ’03. “UNC donors continue to demonstrate, through their philanthropy, an inspiring commitment to our students, faculty and programs and that commitment translates into improved university outcomes.”

Through gifts of every size, UNC donors are increasing access and ensuring affordability by funding scholarships and supporting programmatic needs, helping to offset the cost of tuition and fees for students. By funding scholarships, they're also helping ensure Bears succeed through to graduation. In fact, scholarship recipients are 14% more likely to continue their studies uninterrupted through to graduation and in a shorter amount of time than students who do not receive scholarships.

Enrollment projections for this fall are set to surpass 13,000 students - the highest number of Bears enrolled at UNC in over a decade. That's how many lives UNC donors will be changing this year and for many years to come with their generosity.

The Campaign for UNC involves donors to all areas of university need and opportunity - from the construction of Campus Commons to long-term endowments for scholarships, faculty and research - without the donor community, students and faculty could not realize the full potential and value of the UNC educational experience.

This year UNC donors created new opportunities by establishing a natural and health science research endowment, UNC honors endowment, continued support for the Stryker Institute for Leadership Development and continued support for students through the UNC Scholarship, First Generation Scholarship, Blue and Gold Scholarship, Cumbres and many others. UNC also launched a new crowdfunding program to increase support for campus causes and groups like The Facing Change Initiative

The Campaign for UNC aims to strengthen our community not only through philanthropic momentum, but also by increasing alumni connections back to the university and to each other. To encourage these connections, campaign leadership set a goal of involving 10% of the alumni population in the campaign. To date, more than 6,900 alumni have joined the campaign through their involvement and the UNC Alumni Association aims to increase this amount by inviting more alumni to Get Involved as donors, volunteers and program participants. 

“Our alumni are committed to UNC and the campaign gives us an opportunity to focus their commitment toward moving our university forward,” says Lyndsey Crum ‘05, assistant vice president for alumni relations. “Along with our fundraising goal, we’ve set a participation goal of involving 10% of our alumni population in the campaign through philanthropy, participation or volunteerism. It’s one way to show and celebrate the value alumni bring to their alma mater.”

In total, every gift and act of service mattered this year, no matter the size or purpose. When our community works together, every donor has an opportunity to move the mark toward achieving our goal and strengthening the university. Whether it's through a monthly recurring gift or an estate bequest, donors are choosing to give in ways that best suits their philanthropic level and personal passion in UNC.

“UNC’s future is bright, in large part because individuals continue to believe in and support this outstanding institution and our students,” said Steg Haskett. “I’m proud to say with confidence, that there is no better time to be a Bear than today.”

Let's move the mark

The Campaign for UNC goal is $45 million and every dollar and every donor counts.  Get to know our priorities and how your investment can create a meaningful impact on campus today and for years to come.

Visit give.unco.edu to learn more and join the Campaign for UNC today.