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It's your university, your involvement matters

When you join the Campaign for UNC, you join a community of generous donors. Individuals who, like you, are committed to creating a thriving future for our campus and students. Getting involved in the Campaign for UNC is easy, and we invite your participation in our annual giving, alumni, athletics and campus programs. Every opportunity is designed to connect you to the area of campus where you'll see your gift in action.

Want to get involved but not sure where to start, learn more about our programs or contact us at 970-351-2551 or campaign@unco.edu. 

Get Involved as a UNC Donor



Choose a Cause

Choose a campaign cause that matters most to you. Donors can direct their gift to any area of the university.


Make your Gift

Your gift matters to the campaign cause you choose to support. Every gift, no matter the size, will make an impact and move the campaign cause closer to its goal.


Share to Support

Share the campaign cause you support. You have the power to make a difference when you share your support through your network. Stay connected and encourage your network to do the same.

Become a Donor

Annual Donors Drive UNC

Becoming a UNC donor is an important way to get involved in the Campaign, because every gift and every donor counts! Annual giving programs make your involvement easy and provides you a great connection to the broader UNC donor community

Annual Giving Programs

Blue & Gold Club

Our Biggest Fans

Show your support and spirit for UNC's NCAA Division I men's and women's athletic teams. Team crowdfunding campaigns and events raise funds to support scholarships and team operations while giving donors fun ways to show and share their blue and gold pride.

Team Campaigns

Team UNC

Committed Faculty and Staff

Join the loyal and proud UNC employees who stay involved as UNC donors.

Team UNC offers faculty and staff opportunities to invest and be recognized for supporting the campus that they call home.

Join Team UNC

Your Participation Counts

Get Involved with the UNC Alumni Association

Alumni pride and involvement in UNC is critical to the university's long-term success and sustained academic excellence. From events, to career and life-long learning opportunities, the Alumni Association offers you a range of opportunities to be connected and get involved. And now, during the Campaign for UNC, is the perfect time to get involved. The UNC Alumni Association has set a goal of involving 10% of our alumni during the campaign. Involvement counts with every gift, event and volunteer action you take. Join us and help UNC reach our goal!

Get Involved with UNCAA