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Thank you for stopping by! The Stryker Institute for Leadership Development will be moving to a remote-only environment Monday, November 30 – Monday, January 4.

We encourage you to reach out for any support that you may need. Engage with us by:

Emailing us at stryker@unco.edu
Visiting our website
Following us on  Facebook

The Stryker Institute for Leadership Development welcomes students interested in learning more about scholarship eligibility and our program experience, to stop in and meet with our staff. Through the generous gift from our donor, Ronda Stryker, the Stryker Institute has been able to serve and support over 420 women students at UNC for over the past 18 years. Joining the Stryker Institute provides a space for women students to join a community where all students sharing a common identity can grow and develop together in their awareness of self, understanding that each of our unique identities and experiences shapes the leaders we become.

We encourage you to stop in to hear more about our program experience, the scholarship highlights and eligibility requirements!

The Stryker Institute is housed in the beautiful Scott-Willcoxon Hall, along with the Center for Women's and Gender Equity, which offers a friendly and warm atmosphere for studying, hanging out and making connections regardless of your status as a scholarship recipient. Our building offers a functional kitchen, computer lab, resource library, lactation station, gender neutral restrooms, and comfortable seating.

Stryker Mission, Value, & Inclusivity Statements

Mission Statement

The Stryker Institute for Leadership Development supports the personal, social, and academic achievement of women from underrepresented groups at the University of Northern Colorado. We accomplish our mission by providing access to educational opportunities, cultivating leadership potential, fostering connectedness and community, and empowering women through encouragement and space for personal growth.

Value Statement

The Stryker Institute celebrates the unique identity of each woman and the strength of our collective voice in positively impacting our families and communities. The Stryker experience is characterized by self-exploration, self-reflection, and celebration of our intersecting identities, and cultivates the individual and collective success of women through social justice and leadership development.

Inclusivity Statement

The Stryker Institute for Leadership Development supports an inclusive learning environment where diversity and individual differences are understood, respected, appreciated, and recognized as a source of strength. We expect that students, administrators, and staff within Stryker will respect differences and demonstrate diligence in understanding how other peoples’ perspectives, behaviors and worldviews may be different from one’s own.

 *Remote office hours may fluctuate based on staff availability.