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About UNC Alumni

The UNC Alumni Association and the Bear Network

The University of Northern Colorado Alumni Association is a growing, global network of UNC Bears. Founded in 1965, we are graduates, continuing students, parents and friends. Our goal is to ensure that alumni and students - Bears of all generations - are actively engaged in their university.

Today, the alumni association is a non-dues based program open to all alumni and students. Administered by the Office of Alumni Relations, the association aims to:

Establish UNC as a valuable resource for alumni and students
Elevate the profile and impact of alumni to inspire relationships and involvement in UNC
Strengthen communication between UNC and its alumni, and alumni with one another
Deliver diverse engagement opportunities designed to increase awareness of and broaden involvement in UNC priorities
And we want you to join us. Get involved in your university because we believe that

"Once a Bear, Always a Bear!"