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Alcohol Approval Form
Updated 7/15/2022

To request approval of expenditures for a University sponsored function or event where alcohol will be served; completed prior to payment or reimbursement

Contract Request Form

To begin the contract process
Requires an OnBase login.
Contract Request Guide

To deposit received funds into Banner FOAPs

Direct Deposit Form

To set up direct deposit of vendor/contractor payments through Accounts Payable 

To request ratification on orders of $10,000 or more placed prior to a Purchase Order being established

To complete and attach to a new contract request for Performance Event Contracts

Purchase Requisition Form

Authorization form required to obtain a Purchase Order (PO) number
Requisition Instructions

To complete and attach to a new contract request for Service Agreements

Sole Source Justification

Complete when there is a single item that will satisfy the procurement need and a single source of the item 

Complete for software purchases to expedite IM&T approval and review of terms and conditions prior to payment

To transfer a purchase order from current fiscal year to next fiscal year 

Statement verifying that an evaluation committee member does not have a conflict of interest in regards to an RFP 

Travel Authorization Form- 2023 Mileage Rate

To pre-authorize employee and student travel

Travel Reimbursement Form - 2023 Mileage Rate
Updated 1/5/2023

To request reimbursement for mileage and expenses when the UNC Travel Card was not accepted by vendor/contractor

UNC Visa Card Application

Application for a UNC Visa card
Requires an OnBase login.