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Amazon Business Prime - UNC Institutional Account

The Office of Purchasing & Contracts is pleased to announce the launch of a new institutional Amazon Business Prime account. This account offers the same ease of Amazon purchasing under one centralized membership with tax-exemption, Prime shipping, and Single Sign-on (SSO), meaning no separate username and password- log in using your UNC email and password.

  • How to Join

    If you have not already received an invitation and would like to join the UNC Amazon Business Prime account, please email pcard@unco.edu to request an invitation. 

    Please review the User Registration Guide for the appropriate registration scenario before clicking the Sign In or Get Started link in your welcome email so any personal order history, saved payments, and shipping addresses that may be associated with an existing Amazon account can be properly separated from your work email and tied to a personal email.

  • Restricted Purchases

    In keeping with current UNC purchasing policies, certain commodities within the Amazon Business Prime account will either require approval before the purchase can be completed or will be blocked for purchase entirely. Approval workflows in the account will notify the appropriate approving department at the time of check out. New commodities may be added over time, but a list of current restricted commodities can be found below.

    Commodities Requiring Approval

    • eBooks/Digital Media
      • Approval by: Purchasing & Contracts
    • Gift Cards
      • Approval by: Purchasing & Contracts
    • Office Furniture
      • Approval by: Purchasing & Contracts
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      • Approval by: Facilities
    • Technology – includes but is not limited to laptops, desktop computers, tablets.
      • Approval by: IM&T

    Commodities Not Allowed

    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco or tobacco products
  • Reimbursements for Amazon Purchases

    With the implementation of this institutional account, reimbursements for Amazon purchases made on personal accounts or personal credit cards will no longer be processed. All UNC faculty and staff will need to use the Business Prime account and pay with a UNC issued PCard for any future Amazon purchases. If you need to request a PCard, please contact your Accounting Specialist for assistance.

    If you have questions about this policy, please contact a UNC Amazon Administrator.

  • Contact Information

    UNC Amazon Administrators

    Amazon Support