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Purchasing and Contracts

Welcome to the University of Northern Colorado Purchasing and Contracts Department home page. Our department strives to provide the University community with professional, efficient procurement of goods and services and to ensure maximum value for dollars spent. It is our desire to provide prompt, courteous and fair treatment to all our customers.

The Purchasing & Contracts Department is responsible for general procurement and strategic sourcing, contract management, UNC Visa cards, accounts payable, real estate and leasing, the UNC Card Office, student health insurance, student immunizations, and the Student Business Services Office. 

We encourage you to explore our website and hope you find the information valuable.  Please feel free to contact anyone on our team should you have questions about our areas of responsibility.

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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable department is responsible for processing payment requests for approved goods, services and travel expenses incurred on behalf of the University.

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This page is currently under development.

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The Purchasing Department provides the University community with the efficient procurement of goods and services and ensures maximum value for the dollars spent.

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UNC Visa Card

The University of Northern Colorado provides a "one card" PCard program that allows employees to make business-related purchases for goods, services and travel.


Purchasing and Contracts reminds everyone that ink and toner for your non-Ricoh office devices (HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, etc.) must be purchased directly from the Office Depot Business website. All Ricoh toners and supplies must be ordered through Ricoh managed print contract coordinated by IM&T.

Some campus offices have recently been targets of an attempted ink and toner scam. Here is an example of how the toner scam works.

A scammer calls someone on campus. They say they are the University’s regular supplier and that they noticed you’re low on ink or printer toner, and then ask for the printer’s serial number or model information so they can ship some unwanted ink and toner. Once they have “hooked” you, they send the merchandise, but then also send an invoice for hundreds of dollars higher than UNC would normally pay for the same toners.

Do not provide any information, UNC VISA card numbers, serial numbers or models numbers for your printing devices to these callers. Terminate the call as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should you place orders for toner from any vendor that has called you to solicit such a sale.

If you receive a scam call like described above, report it to Purchasing and Contracts at 970-351-2287.

Please share this information with others in your department that should be alerted to this situation.