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Presidential Communications

Update on Campus Task Forces

October 16, 2018

Oct. 16, 2018 — Over 140 faculty, staff, and students have volunteered to serve on three task forces recently convened by Interim Provost Theo Kalikow, and the groups began meeting the first week of October. They are charged with making recommendations, by Dec. 1, for improving student outcomes, reducing the equity gap, realigning student affairs functions to better serve students, and identifying programs and services that can be strengthened, expanded, restructured or discontinued. While each task force has distinct responsibilities, the primary driver for all is how to best serve students. The Task Force Guidelines also note the importance of identifying resource savings. [READ FULL POST]

2018 State of the University

September 20, 2018

UNC's 13th President, Andy Feinstein delivers his first State of the University address in the UNC University Center. [READ FULL POST]

Welcome to Fall

August 20, 2018

Aug. 20, 2018 — Welcome to Fall 2018! I am humbled and honored to be serving UNC and so very excited for the start of the semester. My first six weeks have been amazing. [READ FULL POST]