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From the President

Andy FeinsteinDear UNC Community Members,

I have recently been welcoming new undergraduate and graduate students to UNC. Like them, I’m just beginning my time at UNC but so excited about being here at this time in our history.

While I’m still getting to know UNC, I have repeated often what I have discovered so far: That UNC is an inviting, friendly community that cares deeply about students and their success. I told them that I’d noticed our students are deeply immersed in – and enthusiastic about – learning, research, and community and civic engagement. And finally, I shared that I’ve been surrounded from my first moments by amazing alumni and supporters who are doing big things in their personal and professional lives while also using their talents to make the world (and UNC) better.

I may be new to Colorado, but I am not new to higher education. What I see at UNC is a uniquely strong institution, grounded in teaching and learning, and hungry to do more for students and the world at large. That’s a mission I’m energized to support—and to share in.

It’s a thrilling time to be on campus and to be surrounded by Bears. I’ll see you out there, wherever you are.

Andy Feinstein
Go Bears!