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Presidential Communications

A Message from President Andy Feinstein

June 01, 2020

I write to you today with a profound sense of both anger and sadness.

George Floyd is another victim among countless others who have violently lost their lives or whose lives were threatened because of the color of their skin. This tragic and unnecessary event has once again shined a spotlight on racially motivated violence and systemic discrimination in our society. [READ FULL POST]

An End of Semester Message from President Andy Feinstein

May 08, 2020

As I reflect on what has surely been the most unusual semester of my career, I am immensely proud of our students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and friends for everything we have accomplished together. The way so many members of our community have stepped up as we have navigated the challenges and changing landscape before us these last few weeks has been truly remarkable. [READ FULL POST]

A Message from President Andy Feinstein: Update on Efforts to Address COVID-19 Related Financial Impacts

May 06, 2020

Several weeks ago, we convened a special Board of Trustees meeting to discuss the emerging financial impacts of COVID-19 on UNC. In that meeting, we projected to finish out this fiscal year with a revenue loss of $4.5M and the potential for far greater losses next year. [READ FULL POST]

A Message from President Andy Feinstein: Planning for Our Return in the Fall Semester

April 30, 2020

April 30, 2020: As the spring semester winds down and we prepare for a continuation of online instruction over the summer, our focus has naturally turned toward planning for the fall. I want to take a moment to share what information I can with you now so our students and their families, as well as our staff and faculty, can begin taking appropriate steps to prepare. [READ FULL POST]