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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

UNC has been actively monitoring the coronavirus pandemic.
When on campus 
wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to keep the UNC community healthy.

Event/Speaking Request

University of Northern Colorado President Andy Feinstein greatly appreciates invitations to engage with members of the University community, communities across Colorado, and organizations through participation in meetings and special events. Every effort is made to accommodate reasonable requests for the President’s involvement. Since many such requests for President Feinstein’s participation are received each week, organizations are asked to submit their requests through the use of the Event Request Form.

In order to ensure the President is properly prepared to support the desired outcomes of an event, the requesting office or organization is asked to submit briefing information and materials to the Office of the President in advance, and on the timelines noted on the Event Request Checklist.

Download Event Request Checklist

Download Event Request Form