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2018-2019 McNair Scholars and Faculty Mentors





Ariana Borroto

Ariana Borroto Portrait

Professional-Professional or Sexy-Professional? How Gender Role Beliefs, Power, and Sex Differences Influence Students' Perceptions of Women's Behavior

James Kole, Psychological Sciences

Torrence Brown-Smith Portrait 

'It gets tiring… It affects different parts of your life.' Examining Racial Battle Fatigue Among Black College Students

Kyle Anne Nelson, Department of Sociology 

Faith Cheplick
Biological Sciences (Pre-health and Biomedical Sciences)

Faith Cheplik Portrait 

DNA Methylation in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Models

Yuyan Han, Biological Sciences

Jordan Fuselier
Criminal Justice

Jordan Fuselier Portrait 

Initiating a New Perspective: The Prevalence, Perception, and Attitudes Towards Hazing at a Medium-Sized University

Mary Evans, Criminology & Criminal Justice 

Arianna Garcia

Arianna Garcia Portrait 

Playing Games to Learn Genetics: Does Practicing Spatial Reasoning Alongside Genetics Lecture Improve Learning?

Melanie Peffer, Biological Sciences

Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones Portrait 

Embodiment of the Rubber Hand Illusion After Experiencing Mindfulness Meditation Body Scanning

Mike Kimball, Department of Anthropology

Meagan Kunitzer

Meagan Kunitzer Portrait 

Examining the Impact of Sexual Assault Definitions on the Reporting Process of College Students 

Rebecca Beals, Department of Sociology 

Katie Nelson
Earth Sciences (Geology)

Katie Nelson Portrait 

Short-term Topographic Changes at the Overlook Crater Lava Lake, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Revealed Through Multi-temporal Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning

Steven Anderson, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Jorge Rubio

Jorge Rubio Portrait 

Convention in the Moral Normative Structure

John Ramsey, Department of Philosophy

Cody Salazar

Cody Salazar Portrait 

Influences That May Affect Flow Among Division I Wrestlers

Bob Brustad, Department of Sport and Exercise Science

Brandon Selz
Biological Sciences (Pre-health and Biomedical Sciences)

Brandon Selz Portrait 

Movement of Choroid Fissure Cells: An Invivo Analysis Investigating if These Cells Have a Pre-Determined Differentiation Pathway Prior to Fusion

Andrea James, Biological Sciences

Liad Sherer

Liad Sherer Portrait 

A Century of Restorative Justice and Native North Americans

Michael Welsh, Department of History

Collin Slutzky
Economics & Mathematics

Collin Slutzky Portrait 

Funding Efforts to Manage Invasive Species

Mark Eiswerth, Department of Economics 

Matthew Smith
Sport and Exercise Science

Matthew Smith Portrait 

 Determining College-Aged Cross-Country Runners’ Coaching Cue Preference Among Temporal, Spatial, and Imagery Cues 

Brett Nichols & Scott Douglas, Sport & Exercise Science