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Examples of multimedia projects, including video, audio and images with gender studies themes. 

Abortion Debate Comes to UNC

By Ather Zia

ather zia

Dr. Ather Zia is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies. A poet and author, she is also the founder-editor of Kashmir Lit and Critical Kashmir Studies

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Pride Flag Photography

By Maximus Ampudia

Maximus Ampudia

Maximus Ampudia is an amateur photographer in college. He is currently going through a Journalism Major with a Minor in Chemistry. Maximus is interested in using his major and minor to teach others about entymology and any other science advancements.

View Pride Flag Photography

Interview with Marsha Aizumi

By Brooklyn Walker

brooklyn walker

Brooklyn Walker is currently in her junior year of her undergraduate degree. She is majoring in Sociology with a double minor in Gender Studies and Political Science. She is a dual citizen with Australia and America and plans to live in Australia once she has completed her Ph.D. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters from Alpha Omicron Pi and finding ways to get involved with activism in the community.

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