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Insightful student papers that focus on gender studies themes.

  • Conversion Therapy and Symbolic Interactionism

    "Conversion Therapy and Symbolic Interactionism"

    By Kiana Pujols

    Kiana Pujols is a fourth year sociology major with a minor in music. She has four loving and adorable cats that love to sit on her laptop when she is trying to get work done!

  • Anti-Christian Feminism is Anti-Third-World Feminism

    "Anti-Christian Feminism is Anti-Third-World Feminism"

    By Mary Morgan

    Natalie Bollig

    Mary Morgan is a Senior at UNC studying Psychology and Gender Studies. She loves all forms of cheese, but especially grilled cheese sandwiches. After pursuing a career in ballet, she hopes to work with religious communities to educate leaders and members of those communities on psychological and social issues surrounding gender ideals and gender-based violence.

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  • Gender Gap in STEM Fields

    "Gender Gap in STEM Fields"

    By Natalie Bollig

    Natalie Bollig

    Natalie Bollig is a junior at UNC Greeley where she is studying English Education. She loves working out and watching The Office. She is dedicated to learning about gender issues as she is a member of UNC’s Gender Studies club. She strives to make the world a better place in everything she does.

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  • A Woman’s Place is Behind the Typewriter

    "A Woman’s Place is Behind the Typewriter"

    By Kira Kirkendall

    Kira Kirkendall

    Kira (she/her/hers) is currently a sophomore theatre studies student here at UNC. She’s constantly debating majoring and minoring in several different things, she just honestly likes learning! She spent five months in Disney World working as a fairy godmother in training and earned her wings. She loves dogs, scented candles, and reading. When she isn’t in class, you can typically find her furiously writing and rewriting a short story.

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  • Cultural Creations: Gender and Patriarchy

    "Cultural Creations: Gender and Patriarchy"

    By Giovanni Esparza

    Giovanni Esparza

    Giovanni Esparza is a History major at the University of Northern Colorado with a minor in Anthropology. Although History is based in the past, his Anthropology minor has given him the opportunity to think about how humans function with different cultural values in different societies. This has made his understanding of cultural issues, both in the present and the past, clearer and he is passionate about helping others gain a better understanding as well.

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  • Third World Feminism and the Hijab

    "Third World Feminism and the Hijab"

    By Mandie Lavery

    Mandie Lavery

    Mandie Lavery is a senior at UNC and will graduate this Spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Gender Studies. Mandie is passionate about feminism and serving others and is eager to use her knowledge to help people. Originally coming to study music before finding her true passion, Mandie has been a member of the UNC marching band and concert band as a percussionist and also plays the cello. She currently coaches high school color guard and has enjoyed doing this activity herself for the past 6 years. Outside of school she is an avid cat lover and can be found drinking chai tea, reading a good book, or watching a crime show, of course with her two cats, Cas and Allegro.

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  • Third World Feminism and Fashion

    "Third World Feminism and Fashion"

    By Jessie Sutton

    Jessie Sutton

    Jessie Sutton is a sophomore at UNC studying psychology, gender, and statistics. Jessie’s passion for gender studies comes from their identity as a queer ex-Mormon with a lot of feelings.

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  • LGBT Healthcare in Post Affordable Health Care Act America

    "LGBT Healthcare in Post Affordable Health Care Act America"

    By Kiana Green

    Kiana Green

    Kiana Green is a sophomore at the University of Northern Colorado. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers. Kiana is currently an Anthropology major and a Human Services and Spanish double minor. Kiana is passionate about social justice issues and wants to use her education to continue learning more about people from different cultures. 

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  • Go Topless Day 2018

    "Go Topless Day 2018"

    By Jeniffer Johnson

    Jeniffer Johnson

    Jeniffer Johnson is an International Affairs major with a minor in Spanish. She is a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian. When she is not at rallies, you can find Jeniffer dancing in Zumba classes and doing face masks with her best friend.

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  • Revisiting Policy: Discrepancies in the University of Northern Colorado’s Student Recreation Center Dress Code Policy

    "Revisiting Policy: Discrepancies in the University of Northern Colorado’s Student Recreation Center Dress Code Policy and it’s Nod Toward Sexism and Gender Inequality"

    By Grace Carmichael Davis

    Grace Davis

    Grace Davis (she/her/hers) is an undergraduate student pursuing an Anthropology degree here at UNCO and a double minor in Gender Studies and American Sign Language. In high school, Davis was an advocate for teachers and students in Douglas County School District, CO, and has assisted in organizing demonstrations in both Colorado and Texas regarding education policy. Davis currently serves as UNCO's student honors council president as well.

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